Are You Packed For Summer Vacay?

Are You Packed For Summer Vacay?

Summer Travel Essentials For Chic, Elegant & Effortlessly Cool Vacationing 

As soon as the temperatures rise, it’s hard to keep ourselves from daydreaming about our next warm-weather vocation, eager to flaunt our new favorite women's dresses while sipping deliciously cold cocktails next to the beach. 

 However, it’s also universally known that most of us, seem to wait until the last possible second to start packing our summer travel essentials. Because, whether you are an avid traveler, ready to check off yet another destination from your bucket list, or simply getting ready for a weekend trip away from the city, it’s notoriously hard to pack your entire existence into one carry-on bag and a suitcase.

 To make packing a bit easier, we made a list of the most necessary summer holiday travel essentials to take the stress out of the occasion once and for all.


Summer-Ready Women's Dresses For Every Occasion

 Lightweight and utterly flattering dresses are evidently this season’s must-haves. So make sure to pack at least 3 different styles to keep yourself looking stylish on every occasion. 


 Whether you are looking forward to exploring the place on foot and snapping some gorgeous photos, or you’ve already scheduled a romantic dinner ahead of time, this dress works perfectly in every scenario. Swap your sandals with a pair of lace-up heels, and vice versa.


 Floral Spaghetti Strap Layered Dress

 Florals are once again dominating the fashion sphere and this effortlessly cool option will look fab in every insta-worhty shot. Plus, the ruffle hem adds a touch of romance that cannot be missed.

Lace Up Mesh Sleeve Mini Dress

 If you fancy something more statement, opt for an elegant, all-white ensemble with mesh sleeves to make everyone stop and stare. That's the beauty of spring dresses like this fitted silhouette. They are equal parts classy and figure-flattering - exactly what your warm-weather holidays' checklist needs this season.


Little Miss Sunshine Puff Sleeve Dress 

 If white isn’t your thing, gorgeous yellow is here to add a whimsical flair to your going-out looks. This dress looks absolutely fantastic with everything from espadrilles and flat sandals to lace-up heels and wedges!


Pack A Few “Just In Case” Layering Pieces

 While summer traveling doesn’t require heavy-duty clothing that takes too much space in your luggage, it would be best to double-check the temperature of your destination. Evenings tend to be a bit chilly. So bring clothes that you can mix and match with your favorite spring dresses, including some layering options just in case you have to face a few chilly nights out with a fruity beverage of choice in hand.


Travel-Approved Lightweight Shorts

Pocketed Frayed Denim Shorts  

Backless Halter Crop Cami Top & Shorts Set 

 No matter your destination, you will need at least two pairs of comfortable, breathable shorts. Make sure to pack airy and light options that match your entire wardrobe. Of course, denim shorts with a cute flair and extremely practical cami tops & shorts sets are the perfect candidates. Spoiler alert: the latter can also work as a fantastic going-out ensemble - just saying.


Basic Essential Tees

Solid Pocketed Base Tank Top  

 Much like your trusted, wear-me-everywhere pants, make sure to add 3-4 t-shirts to your summer travel essentials list for all your casual outings and seaside adventures. Tank tops are wardrobe superheroes for a good reason.  They are easy, breeze, and oh-so-comfortable, which makes them a great warm-weather option for traveling. 


 Swimwear & Beach Essentials 

 In case, you are ready to spend countless hours next to the sea, make sure to bring more swimwear than casualwear. A wet-dry bag for your swimsuit will also come in handy when you want to safely store your wet swimsuits after leaving the beach, pool, etc.

Cutout Halter Neck Two-Piece Bikini Set 

 This season’s colors are certainly dopamine-inducing. Bold fuchsia, emerald, and orange are only a few noteworthy options.  Halter necks are once again reigning this season’s trends, so why not take advantage of both?


Floral Open Front Duster Cover-Up  

 If you are more of a preppy-chic kind of gal, then a floral duster cover-up is all you need to step expand your seaside-dressing horizon.

Leopard V-Neck Two-Piece Bikini Set – Joy Audrey

 Every woman who loves statement,  sultry-style ensembles that match her “hot-girl-summer” mood definitely appreciates animal print swimwear! Bold, bright, and statement-making - what more can you ask for?

Leopard Print Tie Shoulder One Piece Swimsuit – Joy Audrey

 If one-piece swimwear is more your “thing”, then make sure to pack a tie shoulder style for your beach-side outings.

Comfortable Pairs Of Shoes Made For Walking


While you might be tempted to add a few pairs of high heels to your summer travel essentials, it’s hardly ever a good idea. Make sure to have 2-3 pairs of comfortable shoes ready for grabs in case the terrain isn’t very heel-friendly after all. All-white sneakers and platform sandals or espadrilles certainly deserve a place in your warm-weather luggage.



Sunscreen is the single most important part of your daily skincare routine - especially during summer. Make sure to pack a toiletry bag with all your much-needed essentials including night and day creams, your trusted sunscreen, travel-sized shampoos, and body lotions. Add small-sized deodorant, toothpaste and sanitizer wipes too. 


More Summer Travel Essentials 

 If you are traveling by plane, a Power Bank, a super comfy neck pillow, noise-canceling headphones, and a sleeping mask are mandatory. Also, you can always opt for a multi USB charger to cleverly charge different devices at once and save time during traveling. 

 Last, but not least, check the weather last minute so that you know what to expect and adjust your luggage accordingly.  

 For more travel-ready sartorial options, take a look at Our assortment of universally-flattering spring dresses and all-occasions-appropriate women’s dresses will force you to embrace cool, lightweight fabrics without foregoing style. As for our swimwear, let’s just say that they were designed with your salty adventures in mind. 



Get Ready For Spring 22': Must-Have Dresses You Need This Season

Get Ready For Spring 22': Must-Have Dresses You Need This Season

There are only a handful of things that manage to rival the beauty of figure-flattering, lightweight dresses spring 2022 has to offer. With the bloom season on the horizon, it’s time to kiss chilly temperatures goodbye and let them slowly fade away as we are getting ready for cute fashion dresses to take the lead. By now, your sartorial checklist is probably already in the making. But in all honesty, our seasonal fashion style will never be complete without a healthy dose of spring 22’s most notable trends.


Not to be biased or anything, but our fashion blog has always been a source of enviable #outfitinspo. And this season is no different. That’s why we rounded up the best women's fashion dresses that are equal parts oh-so-chic and versatile.


 From weekend brunches with friends, and weddings, to date nights, music festivals, and deliciously-cold cocktails, Joy Audrey's dresses will most definitely tick all bloom season fashion style boxes.


 Best spring 22 dresses to upgrade your fashion style ASAP


Floral Drawstring Spaghetti Strap Dress – Joy Audrey


Tap into the tropical daydream with a bold, vibrant, and unapologetic floral dress that guarantees to wow everyone. The spaghetti straps and drawstring waist will effortlessly complement your silhouette. As for the scoop neck, let’s just say that it leaves much room for all your warm-weather fashion accessories to shine. So pretty!


Floral Ruffle Sleeve Off-Shoulder Dress – Joy Audrey


This floral ruffle dress has a slew of romantic possibilities. Dress it up with your trusted pair of lace-up sandals or keep it casual with your go-to espadrilles. One thing is certain; it will help you create a perfect feminine look for every day of the week. Did we mention that ruffle sleeves are a huge spring 22 trend? Let the off-shoulder silhouette do all the talking for you!


Tie-Shoulder Cutout Tiered Mini Dress – Joy Audrey


While florals are the quintessential print of the spring 22 season, there’s nothing more classic than a stunning earthy-green mini dress. The tie shoulders and cutout come together to create the most flattering warm-weather ensemble for all hours of the day. Dress it up with platform wedges or keep it casual with your all-white slim sneakers. Oh, and don’t forget to throw on some fashion accessories.


Peach Love Tie Waist Raw Hem Shirt Dress with Pockets – Joy Audrey


Textures are our fashion trend of choice in 2022 and for a pretty good reason. Blame it on the raw hem, the pockets, the tie waist, or on the long sleeves that are perfect for afternoon strolls in the city. One thing is certain; this 100% cotton shirt dress is a worthy addition to your spring rotation. 


 Eyelet Frill Trim Crisscross Back Mini Dress – Joy Audrey


Yellow fashion dresses? For spring? Shocking! That’s certainly not-your-basic mini. The top spring 22 fashion trends require you to adorn yourself with beautiful stripes. Now if you add thick straps and ruffles to the mix, you get why this particular fashion style is hailed as an otherworldly chic option for spring. 

Floral Tie Waist Frill Trim Midi Dress – Joy Audrey

Minis have a special place in our hearts, but when it comes to floral maxi dresses, let’s just say that we simply can’t have enough. This V-neck style, in particular, will be your best sartorial ally till the end of August. The oh-so-flattering green colors will look absolutely gorgeous against your sun-kissed skin, and the styling possibilities are endless. We can already imagine it in a seaside setting, during the golden hour. Perhaps, cocktails are also involved.


Now that you have a pretty good idea of what to add to your women's fashion checklist for spring 22, head over to to discover even more affordable dresses to enhance your warm-weather vestiary experiments. From the latest fashion trend styles to worthy fashion accessory additions, we have you covered.


March 11, 2022 — Aria Fields
Best Easy-To-Wear 2021 Fall FashionTrends For Infinite Layering

Best Easy-To-Wear 2021 Fall FashionTrends For Infinite Layering

As soon as the first chilly days kick in, there is always the thrill of diving deep into the top fall fashion trends, 2021 is certainly no exception. That's even more true when these trends are equal parts comfortable and statement-making. For every fashion connoisseur out there, these seasonal findings are the beginning of our journey to sartorial greatness. Honestly, those noteworthy autumnal trends cover pretty much every fashion taste.

For more than 2 seasons now, the top fashion trends for women are focused on the ever-growing demand for wearability and modernity. Consider them as all-year-round additions that deserve a spot in your wardrobe arsenal. We've previously discussed how the best sweater trends for fall are practically a celebration of optimistic dressing, infused with mood-enhancing color palettes, unexpected cuts. Luckily, the principles remain the same. We rounded up a list of the most splurge-worthy 2021 fashion trends ahead.


The 2021 Denim Trend

It comes as no surprise! Demin has always been a key wardrobe staple for women and men, however, this time dark-colored jeans are at the forefront of the fashion sphere. Think non-traditional silhouettes in gloomy hues such as black, gray, or dark blue. From raw edges and ribbed accents to oversized but slightly short denim jackets, everything is permitted.

Ribbed Crop Denim Jacket





Top Colors of the Year

Acting a true mood-pick-up, the 2021 top color trends force us to get out of our slumber uniform and experiment with colors! Striking shades of samba, red, burnt brick, amber shine, olive, flaming pink, lilac, sandstone, gold, and silver are dominating the fall fashion game. Opt for neutral tones or go all-in with vibrant hues of energetic colors like intense orange, illuminating yellow, and more citrus hues.

Round Neck Solid Bodycon Dress





Luge Sole Boots & Combat Boots

Lug sole boots deliver edgy yet casual-chic vibes wrapped in comfort. No matter if you prefer exaggerated silhouettes or want to keep things simple yet ultra-stylish, this trend has so much to offer. Evidently, lug sole boots, and combat boots alike serve the perfect silhouette for every body type! Luckily, we have all the inspo we need to master this 2021 fall fashion trend as all our social media feeds are lug-soled heaven right now.



Elegant Hoop Earrings

Listen up hoop-jewelry lovers, the top 2021trends are still in your favor. Pretty much everyone has been loving the elegant yet luxurious look gold hoops can offer. From small, twisted hoops to wide cuffs, every silhouette can match an array of fall-appropriate ensembles. We've seen them worn with dresses, sweats, jumpsuits, and pretty much everything in between.

 Gold Netting Hoops




Flirtatious Mesh

Mesh dresses, tops, and jumpsuits are trending once again this year. This time mesh panel effortlessly adds a bit of edge to every outfit while still being chic and elegant. Throw on your go-to sneakers and an oversized blazer or pair it up with heels and a faux fur jacket for your girls' night out!

Scuba Crepe Dress – Joy Audrey



Unexpected Cut-Out Patterns

Cut-outs have no intention of leaving the fashion world behind any time soon. Modern chunky sweaters with cut-out details, halter top with open fronts, and of course, mini dresses will take over the city streets sooner than later. Pair them up with jeans, faux leather trousers, or cozy tweet skirts for the ultimate fall-appropriate look.

Laced Sleeve Turtleneck Sweater


Halter Open Back Crop Top


Don’t fret! There is still a slew of sought-after silhouettes that deserve your undivided attention. Head over to Joy Audrey to get a glimpse of our newest fall fashion arrivals. While you are there, don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter for exclusive offers, original stories, events, and more.

September 17, 2021 — Aria Fields
Best Fall Sweater Trends For That Perfect Cozy & Cute Outfit

Best Fall Sweater Trends For That Perfect Cozy & Cute Outfit

Let's be honest. The moment the temperatures start to drop and the landscape turns into a red and orange galore, you know it's the perfect time to splurge on the best fall sweater trends money can buy. Luckily, 2021 is a celebration of practicality, versatility, and comfort. The same should apply to your cute sweater wishlist as well. No matter if you are a fan of timeless cardigans, otherworldly-cozy crewnecks, muted-toned pullovers, or prefer to go all-in with statement knits and unexpected details, everything is allowed. Pretty much everyone can agree that this season is the quintessential time to familiarize yourself with the art of layering. There is just something alluring about the feeling of being snuggled up in a soft trendy sweater while it's chilly outside.


The fall sweater trends for women include everything your future cool-weather outfits need. Honestly, we wouldn't complain if we could have an entire closet filled to the brim with every cute sweater there is. That's why we rounded up a list of some of the best knitwear that promises to keep you warm and stylish through this season.


Ski-Inspired Chunky Sweaters 



You know those days when all you need to do is put on the cutest ski-appropriate, ultra-chunky sweater that seems like it belongs in your Aspen-getaway suitcase? The top 2021 sweater trends for women allow you to do just that! Long knitwear in unexpected shades of yellow, pink, and green are the it thing to rock this season. Think staple yet statement knits that allow you to live that effortlessly cool sky-girl lifestyle from the comfort of your own home.


Color Block Cardigans  





While utterly cozy cardigans have been a thing for years, top 2021 trends for women require you to lean toward sleeker, longer, color blocking options for 2021. Two-toned, three-toned, and color-blocking cardigans are a major must-have for fall, so prepare to see them everywhere. This v-neck cardigan features 3 of the most fall-appropriate hues, including blue, orange, and beige. The best part? It comes in 4 different variations as well! 


Calling all animal print lovers! Why settle for the standard leopard when you can score a unique, fun alternative? Our printed color-blocking cardigan carries all the neutral colors you need for your future outings. Once again, this one also comes in 4 different variations.



Just in case you aren't ready to try contrasting color combinations just yet, we listed some monochromatic variations as well.


Trendy Cut-Out Sweaters 


Let's admit it: cut-out everything has absolutely dominated both 2020 and 2021 with no signs of slowing down any time soon. We are more than happy to report that this discreetly sexy trend is back for yet another season. However, this time is all about the cute cut-out sweaters for women. Our cold-shoulder long sleeve top comes in 6 streetstyle-approved color options. 


Button-Up Knit Sweaters 





Last, but definitely not least, button-up knitwear is the perfect way to exemplify the vibes of autumn extremely effortlessly. Easy to wear but still a bit different than the rest, chunky and lightweight button-up sweaters alike offer that chic flare. The styling possibilities are seemingly endless, especially if you grab more than one color.

Whether you are looking to upgrade your entire wardrobe arsenal just in time for fall, or simply wanting to add a few key pieces, scroll through our virtual catalog at Joy Audrey . Don't forget to sign up for our newsletter for the latest updates, splurge-worthy deals and promos.

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Trendy Swimsuits This Season 2021

Trendy Swimsuits This Season 2021

Get ready for this summer with the best swimsuits by Joy Audrey. Choose from our exotic range of swimsuits made to fit every body type. Beat the heat in style!


July 16, 2021 — Aria Fields
5 Must Have Accessories Everyone Should Have in Their Wardrobe

5 Must Have Accessories Everyone Should Have in Their Wardrobe

You know how when two persons are wearing the same type of clothes, but one looks more cool and classy than the other? Ok, it's just a matter of personal preference. If you're a fashionista, you're well aware of the value of an accessory that complements your appearance. It doesn't have to be expensive to look beautiful! In reality, well-dressed persons are the ones who understand that minor changes can make a big difference in their look. Create an elegant look by mixing and matching colors, fabrics, and textures.

 If you're wearing a simple outfit and want to spice it up, just add a little bling or a subtle piece of jewelry, a sequin fashion mask, or a scarf and sunglasses, and you're good to go. Accessories are the way to bolster the fashion game, whether you're a guy or a woman.

Accessorizing an ensemble is one of the easiest ways to improve it. Accessories are important to us, particularly the right ones. So, what exactly are these essential accessories? Let us find out.

 Look through our online store for trendy and stylish outfits and accessories. To shop for accessories, however, you must first be aware of the absolute must-haves! Here is a list of five accessories that you should have in your closet.



Your choice of jewelry reflects your personal style, which can vary from subtle to loud, simple to blingy. Jewelry is an integral part of any outfit. Whether it's a small stud or big earrings, Statement jewelry is a perfect way to add oomph to your outfit.

You can look like a million dollars while wearing the most basic clothing. All it takes is a little forethought. Add a combination of short statement necklaces and earrings to your dress for a stylish and elegant look, and make sure to keep up with the latest trends in accessories.

 The best and quickest option to get your outfit to stand out is with A bold earring. You can choose between secret box square stone studs or elongated geometric hoops. This is ideal for when you're on the verge of leaving the house and need a little more finesse!

 A bold necklace is the simplest way to add a splash of color to your everyday outfit, and it's also the piece that gets the most compliments. You can choose between a wide short necklaceand a layered metal necklace, both of which will last a long time. Use the necklace to dress up a simple dress, a tee, and jeans, or a dress you've had for a long time. Necklaces are the way to go!


Face masks (A common Fashion accessory right now)

Face masks have become a staple in everyone's closet, and many industries have capitalized on this (Personal protective equipment) PPE-turned-accessory by putting their own aesthetic spin on it. Brands and companies have made wearing a mask trendy and deliberate, from the fashion industry to the promotional world. This trend can be worn by someone of any age or fashion choice.

Face masks can be imaginative and self-expressional while also complying with the specified safety guidelines. When getting ready, don't miss to include the year's most popular accessory: The face mask. Check out our collection and grab your favorite one that complies with your favorite wardrobe.



They are, without a doubt, ideal fashion accessories for women. Many people think of scarves as only being worn in the winter, but they are also a great accessory in the summer. For various weather conditions and opportunities, we must mix and match some fantastic designs and fabrics. Scarves will liven up a dull ensemble. If you have a plain black shirt, a red silk scarf will liven it up. It simply changes your appearance and provides you with a new outfit. You can tie them around your head to shield your hair or close your face to keep the summer heat out.



Bags are available in a variety of styles, from totes to handbags and clutches. Using a contrast or bling bag to enhance the look of your dress is a fantastic way to do so.


Sunglasses and watches

Sunglasses and watches have the usual function of shielding the eyes from the sun and displaying the time. Aside from that, they compliment your existing look and make you feel cool and classy!


May 17, 2021 — Aria Fields
Spring Wardrobe Essentials 2021

Spring Wardrobe Essentials 2021


If you haven't already started stocking your closet with the hottest fashion trends for 2021, You're not alone.

It's time to pare down your spring wardrobe to the essentials that will eventually evolve your dressing sense, such as chic, versatile, stylist-recommended pieces.We considered the most important items for this sartorially demanding season and put in a few non-essentials for a little extra fun. Many women say we live in dresses in spring and summer. Though We don't wear all dresses at once, we'd like to have a few choices on hand for unpredictable events.

 It's eventually the time to put away your sweatshirts and winter outfits and start wearing brighter colors and lighter fabrics in prepping for spring. We find these must-have pieces that will elevate your look and get you ready for the upcoming summer months.

 At Joyaudrey, We're here to assist you in exploring the best spring essentials.


Floral Mini and Maxi Dress

Florals are really common this spring, and there are many flowy styles with ruffles and embellishments. Long, voluminous looks and midi-length styles are in. Floral mini dresses and floral maxi dresses are great for creating a trendy chic look.

Joyaudrey carries a good range of them.


Check out these articles:



Funky Jeans

Every season, we enjoy wearing jeans, but cropped designs are the most favorites in the spring and summer. They're also really fashionable right now, though full-length trousers and jeans are, too. Full-length designs are more casual. The most favorite jeans right now are Mad About You Distressed Jeans. It's also good to take a break from the jeans now and then, and utility pants in any classic color are a great option.


Off-shoulder Top

The off-the-shoulder trend is one of the most prevalent this season, and there's no excuse why anyone shouldn't wear it. The off-the-shoulder style is available in tops and dresses, making it highly versatile and iconic. It can be worn with shorts or denim jeans. Try our best So Carrie Off Shoulder Cropped Top.


Multicolored Rompers

Rompers are highly flexible, and you can style them in various ways with only a few simple products. Since they're lightweight, they're ideal for spring wear, but you can layer them if the weather turns cold.

For spring rompers, cotton and polyester are excellent options. They can be styled up or down if you pair them with the proper accessories.

The most crucial aspect is to find the best fit. Rompers come in a variety of shapes to accommodate various body types, so find one that works for you. You won't feel relaxed in your romper if it's too loose or too tight, and it won't look good as well.

Check out this Lauren Multicolored Surplice Romper from our collection.


May 09, 2021 — Aria Fields
Shapewear – an essential part of today's modern woman

Shapewear – an essential part of today's modern woman


Shapewear has become a unique and vital part of every woman's outfit. It is considered something that feels like a second skin and boosts confidence and good feeling. In the fashion market, the shapewear comes in many different garments, specially designed for women who want to target a particular part of their body. In those terms, we at Joy Audrey have added an exclusive shapewear line with different garments targeting areas. Those of you looking for some comfortable and quality shapewear, take a look at our offer:

The Shapewear Slip Dress shape the body and are at the same time invisible are something that is a novelty and most desired thing among women. No matter if it is an evening or a casual dress, the shapewear slip finds its purpose in the daily outfits. With straps and deep cleavage, it provides excellent support and looks. 

Braless Shapewear Suit targets particular areas like the waist and the abdomen is possible with this specially designed bodysuit. The thing that makes it beneficial is the braless part. The purpose is to correct the shape of the waist and the abdomen without any visible lines. For better results, it is designed with shorts – for more comfortable taking on and off. 

Classic Shaping Bodysuit, as part of the underwear, have two roles: protective and shaping. This one combines both in one. It is excellent underwear that can be worn every day and keep everything in place. It comes with a push-up bra, and it is very comfortable to wear. The fabric is excellent for both winter and summer, and it lets the skin breathe.

High Compression Waist Corset is another piece, trendy and brought to us from the celebrities, is the shaping corset. This corset is part of the underwear and shapewear line, although the market today offers lots of different corsets that can be worn for sports activities and exercise. The high compression corset has three closing levels, which makes it suitable for different body sizes. With this, the entire accent is put on the waist and belly, making that part of the body curvy, and well-shaped.


These and many more shapewear garments are available at Joy Audrey. Feel good in your body and flaunt that curves! 

March 13, 2021 — Sabrina Bailey
Boho & Vintage Gypsy Styles Come Together As The Fresh Summer Trend!

Boho & Vintage Gypsy Styles Come Together As The Fresh Summer Trend!

Although every summer season brings new trends and styles, some are, more or less, already present on the fashion scene. The florals, for example, are a print that never goes out of style. It is an option that is seen during the entire year, in summer and winter clothes too. Although it may have been a conventional print only for the spring season, the newest fashion direction speaks entirely differently. Lately, the floral pattern comes well-combined with the Boho and vintage gypsy style, which is very attractive and available at Joy Audrey

Here are some of our pick that will make you both modern Boho and gypsy queen:

Floral Print Maxi Dress

Do you remember the style girls had back in the 70s? Long and flowy dresses, with unique floral patterns representing the hippie style, were all over the streets around the world. To bring that particular vibe, this is the dress that will transfer you back at that time. The black base is a perfect choice for the dominant white floral print. The tiny straps, with the added discreet ruffle and the V-opening, add sexiness to the dress, accompanied by the high slit. 

High Waist Floral Wrap Skirt

Do you want to show a different summer style? Well, you can do it with this wrap skirt. The print, the skirt's asymmetry, and its design make this garment the essential summer piece. The lightweight fabric and the print's color choice are something that brings 's intrigue to the outfit. The wrap part comes with the change of length and added ruffle that completes this skirt's look. Very stylish, right?

Vintage Boho Kimono

Boho is a never-ending style, excellent for the summer, especially if it comes in the form of a kimono. Whether it is part of beach attire, lingerie, or loungewear, the kimonos are pretty popular nowadays. This floral vintage one is romantic and soft, featuring extra-wide sleeves and length reaching somewhere below the knees. Styling it with shorts and bralette is a look seen out there on the streets. 

 Gypsy Mini Dress

The mixture of bohemian and gypsy style in this classy mini dress delivers a unique summer outfit. The fabric resembling the look of lace and the tassels, ruffles, and signature V-neck creates a dress that brings back the retro vibes.

If your summer wardrobe needs upgrading, pick some of our choices, or visit Joy Audrey for more style inspiration!

June 30, 2020 — Sabrina Bailey
Top 5 Joy Audrey Dresses That Will Redefine Your Style

Top 5 Joy Audrey Dresses That Will Redefine Your Style

Dresses have always been an essential part of women's wardrobe. The unique styling, looks, and outfits that they provide can hardly be matched with something similar yet appealing. For the summer season, dresses are considered as both casual and elegant piece, perfect for all occasions. At 
Joy Audrey, we have gathered the top 5 dresses from all kinds that should find your closet this summer.

1. Striped off-shoulder dress

If there is one piece that is a must in the summer wardrobe is the striped dress. This blue and white striped dress is something that every girl wants. The ultimate summer garment, with an off-shoulder opening, is excellent for the romantic summer nights. The comfortability of the cut, as well as the line of the dress, create a piece that never goes out of style. 

 2. Bohemian V-neck dress

Color, florals, and ruffles are the details that create this stylish summer maxi dress. The subtle green is a rare choice that looks great on every skin tone, while the pinkish floral details add to the playful style and vibe. The V-neck opening is accompanied with ruffles that complete the dress. The bohemian style is present but not very dominant, making this dress easy to style and lovable.

3. White Vintage Lace dress

White is the color of the summer, of every summer. It is crisp, clean, elegant, yet casual. It suits all ages and skin tones. Having a dress in white, especially those that look vintage and resemble the look of the dress, is top-notch. This dress, although it has long sleeves, is extremely comfortable for wearing. It is short, sexy, and cute, with the ruffled skirt and layered ruffles, it creates a stylish and fabulous look. 

 4. One-shoulder bodycon dress

To add a bit of stylishness in the hot summer nights, this one-shoulder red bodycon dress is the one that will turn heads. The big voluminous ruffle on the shoulder perfectly comes aligned with the asymmetric skirt, also featuring flowy ruffles. It is an elegant piece that best styles with sexy high heels.

5. Off-shoulder bodycon dress

The extreme elegance and sexiness of the white off-shoulder bodycon dress will make you the star of the night. Tight, shaping, and following the body line, the dress comes with a midi length that adds visual elongating effect. And the white color is an excellent choice.

Check out more chic looks by clicking here Joy Audrey

June 30, 2020 — Sabrina Bailey