As soon as the first chilly days kick in, there is always the thrill of diving deep into the top fall fashion trends, 2021 is certainly no exception. That's even more true when these trends are equal parts comfortable and statement-making. For every fashion connoisseur out there, these seasonal findings are the beginning of our journey to sartorial greatness. Honestly, those noteworthy autumnal trends cover pretty much every fashion taste.

For more than 2 seasons now, the top fashion trends for women are focused on the ever-growing demand for wearability and modernity. Consider them as all-year-round additions that deserve a spot in your wardrobe arsenal. We've previously discussed how the best sweater trends for fall are practically a celebration of optimistic dressing, infused with mood-enhancing color palettes, unexpected cuts. Luckily, the principles remain the same. We rounded up a list of the most splurge-worthy 2021 fashion trends ahead.


The 2021 Denim Trend

It comes as no surprise! Demin has always been a key wardrobe staple for women and men, however, this time dark-colored jeans are at the forefront of the fashion sphere. Think non-traditional silhouettes in gloomy hues such as black, gray, or dark blue. From raw edges and ribbed accents to oversized but slightly short denim jackets, everything is permitted.

Ribbed Crop Denim Jacket





Top Colors of the Year

Acting a true mood-pick-up, the 2021 top color trends force us to get out of our slumber uniform and experiment with colors! Striking shades of samba, red, burnt brick, amber shine, olive, flaming pink, lilac, sandstone, gold, and silver are dominating the fall fashion game. Opt for neutral tones or go all-in with vibrant hues of energetic colors like intense orange, illuminating yellow, and more citrus hues.

Round Neck Solid Bodycon Dress





Luge Sole Boots & Combat Boots

Lug sole boots deliver edgy yet casual-chic vibes wrapped in comfort. No matter if you prefer exaggerated silhouettes or want to keep things simple yet ultra-stylish, this trend has so much to offer. Evidently, lug sole boots, and combat boots alike serve the perfect silhouette for every body type! Luckily, we have all the inspo we need to master this 2021 fall fashion trend as all our social media feeds are lug-soled heaven right now.



Elegant Hoop Earrings

Listen up hoop-jewelry lovers, the top 2021trends are still in your favor. Pretty much everyone has been loving the elegant yet luxurious look gold hoops can offer. From small, twisted hoops to wide cuffs, every silhouette can match an array of fall-appropriate ensembles. We've seen them worn with dresses, sweats, jumpsuits, and pretty much everything in between.

 Gold Netting Hoops




Flirtatious Mesh

Mesh dresses, tops, and jumpsuits are trending once again this year. This time mesh panel effortlessly adds a bit of edge to every outfit while still being chic and elegant. Throw on your go-to sneakers and an oversized blazer or pair it up with heels and a faux fur jacket for your girls' night out!

Scuba Crepe Dress – Joy Audrey



Unexpected Cut-Out Patterns

Cut-outs have no intention of leaving the fashion world behind any time soon. Modern chunky sweaters with cut-out details, halter top with open fronts, and of course, mini dresses will take over the city streets sooner than later. Pair them up with jeans, faux leather trousers, or cozy tweet skirts for the ultimate fall-appropriate look.

Laced Sleeve Turtleneck Sweater


Halter Open Back Crop Top


Don’t fret! There is still a slew of sought-after silhouettes that deserve your undivided attention. Head over to Joy Audrey to get a glimpse of our newest fall fashion arrivals. While you are there, don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter for exclusive offers, original stories, events, and more.

September 17, 2021 — Aria Fields