Although every summer season brings new trends and styles, some are, more or less, already present on the fashion scene. The florals, for example, are a print that never goes out of style. It is an option that is seen during the entire year, in summer and winter clothes too. Although it may have been a conventional print only for the spring season, the newest fashion direction speaks entirely differently. Lately, the floral pattern comes well-combined with the Boho and vintage gypsy style, which is very attractive and available at Joy Audrey. 

Here are some of our pick that will make you both modern Boho and gypsy queen:

Floral Print Maxi Dress

Do you remember the style girls had back in the 70s? Long and flowy dresses, with unique floral patterns representing the hippie style, were all over the streets around the world. To bring that particular vibe, this is the dress that will transfer you back at that time. The black base is a perfect choice for the dominant white floral print. The tiny straps, with the added discreet ruffle and the V-opening, add sexiness to the dress, accompanied by the high slit. 

High Waist Floral Wrap Skirt

Do you want to show a different summer style? Well, you can do it with this wrap skirt. The print, the skirt's asymmetry, and its design make this garment the essential summer piece. The lightweight fabric and the print's color choice are something that brings 's intrigue to the outfit. The wrap part comes with the change of length and added ruffle that completes this skirt's look. Very stylish, right?

Vintage Boho Kimono

Boho is a never-ending style, excellent for the summer, especially if it comes in the form of a kimono. Whether it is part of beach attire, lingerie, or loungewear, the kimonos are pretty popular nowadays. This floral vintage one is romantic and soft, featuring extra-wide sleeves and length reaching somewhere below the knees. Styling it with shorts and bralette is a look seen out there on the streets. 

 Gypsy Mini Dress

The mixture of bohemian and gypsy style in this classy mini dress delivers a unique summer outfit. The fabric resembling the look of lace and the tassels, ruffles, and signature V-neck creates a dress that brings back the retro vibes.

If your summer wardrobe needs upgrading, pick some of our choices, or visit Joy Audrey for more style inspiration!

Sabrina Bailey