A busy fashionista is running late for a dinner date after a long day of work. She needs to find a way to make her look go from day to night in record time. With just a few pieces, she’s able to pull together an outfit that’s fashionable and functional.

She starts by swapping out her work blazer for an open-front cardigan to give her look more pizzaz. To keep the whole ensemble modern and sleek, she adds a pair of high-rise skinny jeans with some classic ankle boots.

Next, she turns her attention to the top half of her outfit. To inject some color and texture, she layers on a bright pink blouse under the cardigan, which gives it a flirtatious edge. A statement necklace completes the look and adds visual interest while still injecting subtle hints of femininity and sophistication.

Once all the pieces are in place, she takes one last item from her purse—a black wrap coat—and drapes it over her shoulders for extra warmth as well as added style points. Now ready for whatever awaits, she heads off for an evening full of fun and fashion!
Aria Fields