Crisscross Open Toe Platform Sandals

Color: Coffee Brown

Introducing our latest addition just in time for summer - the Crisscross Open Toe Platform Sandals. Designed specifically for fashion-forward women, these sandals are the epitome of style meets comfort. Whether you're dressing up for a summer outing or simply elevating your everyday look, these sandals are sure to turn heads.

Key Features:

  • Heel Height: Crafted with elegance and comfort in mind, these flats ensure you can enjoy your day without the strain of high heels.
  • Material Excellence: Made from the finest elastomer and PU materials, we promise not only an exquisite look but also durability and flexibility that adapts to your feet.
  • Style Statement: The chic crisscross design and open toe feature bring a contemporary twist to these platform sandals, making them a perfect match for your summer dresses.
  • Imported Quality: Every pair is carefully imported, ensuring that you get nothing but the best in fashion and quality.

Don't just take our word for it; add these Crisscross Open Toe Platform Sandals to your wardrobe and step out in style this summer. Perfect for the woman who loves to stand out, these sandals are not just shoes but a fashion statement on their own.

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Size Foot length
36(US5) 9
37(US6) 9.2
38(US7) 9.4
39(US8) 9.6
40(US9) 9.8
41(US10) 10
42(US10.5) 10.2
43(US11) 10.4

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